Jeff has extensive experience representing clients in divorce cases and can counsel clients throughout the process, from the initial planning stages through the completion of the divorce process.  Divorce is rarely a quick and easy decisions and inevitably will involve stress and conflict.  Even in cases where both spouses desire to dissolve a marriage, planning and communication early in the process can make the divorce much more manageable and less stressful on all involved, including children.  Also, there are numerous ways to commence the process in Maryland and the laws have changed making the process quicker if the parties are able to resolve issues between themselves via agreement rather than through contested litigation.  Divorce typically involves numerous other areas including alimony, child custody, child support, marital property issues and the division of retirement plans and other assets.  While it can be complicated, Jeff will take the time to ensure that you are aware of issues in these areas and make informed choices about how you would like to proceed.  

While Jeff tries hard to resolve all cases amicably, sometimes that is just not possible.  In these situations, Jeff will utilize his extensive litigation experience in court to protect your rights and interests in contested cases.