Phenomenal Attorney, Highly Recommend for Difficult Family Law Matters

After much research and several consultations to find the right attorney, I finally found ARN Family Law and Jeff Evans. Boy, I am so thankful I did. Jeff is by far the best attorney I have ever worked with. I came to Jeff with a very complicated case and urgent custody matters where I needed a very specific type of Family Law attorney to help me ASAP. I needed an attorney not only with a supreme understanding of the law, but one who was very organized, professional and responsive. I needed someone with extensive litigation experience, with a sole practice of Family Law and who was not in it for the money. Jeff is this lawyer. His background and experience also speak to this. He was able to meet with me on short notice and process a very intricate history quickly and efficiently in order to provide the exact legal services I was looking for to get things done. I could tell right away he was not driven by dollars, he doesn’t need to be, his integrity is apparent. He is extremely intelligent, impressively competent, and does not miss a beat. I was recently the defendant in a complex contempt hearing where Jeff was able to litigate under time constraints outlining very strategic key points in front of the judge. His ability to focus in this manner excelled and completely turned things around by undermining the very allegations made against me by the opposing party. I felt that I was in great hands the entire time with Jeff Evans representing me. He has kept me calm and focused during many difficult moments and I cannot thank him enough. I would not choose anyone besides Jeff as my attorney and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking help with the very difficult issues that unfortunately often arise in Family Law.

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